Trying to sell your services to people who are just not interested is a waste of time, effort, and resources. Why identifying the right client for you can make sales less of an uphill struggle.

Two people were sitting on a bench having a conversion. One was talking about staycations the other about World War 2. Both equally passionate and enthused about their topics. How would you imagine that conversion went? Hilarious, bizarre, disjointed, ridiculous, pointless etc. Would you say productive or fruitful? Of course, not!

Yet many businesses make the same fundamental mistake. They talk about their wonderful services to people who have not got the slightest bit of interest in what they have to offer. Thereby wasting their time, effort, and resources. That is why you need to have ideal client. That is someone who can afford, wants your services and that you love working with.

Without that I am afraid you are in the same situation as our friends on the bench. If sales seem like an uphill task it is worth asking yourself if you are targeting the right type of client for you.

There is another way of thinking about this too. You may be familiar with the saying that every business exists to solve a problem for their client. So, here is my question; how do solve a problem that you do not understand? Perhaps this is better demonstrated through the following algebraic statement:

X + Y = Z

Solve for Z

How!? Unless we know the clients problem i.e. X and Y in the equation above, we simply cannot figure out Z. Taking the time to understand who your ideal client is, and what they need your help with is key to your business success.

Still struggling?

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