S.M.A.R.T Coaching Framework
tailored to each client's specialism and goals

ACCELERATE 75K is a self paced online program designed to help you create a fulfilling, financially rewarding business at your convenience

What you get and how it works

Over the course of the 12 months

  • 4 modules, each broken into manageable sessions for comfortable self paced work 
  • Guided worksheets and workbooks 
  • Resource hub, full of tips, best practices, programs to help you accelerate your growth
  • Lead magnet, workbook templates all ready for you to use
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Recorded guest expert sessions
  • 30 min complimentary 121 coaching session with me, to use at anytime during the course


  • Accelerate your income to 75k, by putting in the foundations of a sustainable, profitable business
  • Work with your perfect clients, the ones who you love working with and can afford your services.
  • Work with clients from all around the world, because you’re no longer restricted by geography, multiplying your income
  • Multiple sources of income through all your sales funnels
  • Become an amazing public speaker just as a by-product!
  • Become a well-known expert in your field, set yourself apart from the competition
  • Best of all create your business at your pace

Most importantly, create the business you love one that’s not only personally fulfilling but also financially rewarding

12 Month ACCELERATE 75K (Connected) Self paced digital program 

– Only £97 / month!

ACCELERATE 75K Connected includes recorded guest expert sessions, below are just some of leaders you’ll be learning from

Jane Ferre

LinkedIn Expert
Jane Ferre is a highly renowned, trusted and successful outplacement consultant who works with C-Suite level employees. She credits the fast growth of her company to effective use of LinkedIn.

In her sessions she shares her vast knowledge gained through working with big brand names such British Airways and Leon, tried and tested techniques used by industry experts and her own experience of what helped her accelerate the rapid growth of her company.
Daniel Colbert

Daniel Colbert

Youtube Strategist and Producer
Daniel is a Youtube Strategist and producer, helping his clients to use videos and Youtube to grow their businesses.

Daniel has consulted and worked with over 150 Individual coaches and brands including LinkedIn, NHS, Charities & the UK Government. He has spoken at the Google campus
The effectiveness of his techniques is evident in the results his customers achieve, for example one of his clients recently reached 100k Subscribers and makes an easily 5-figure month salary just from releasing videos.

Angela Brown

Business Management Consultant and Software Trainer
Angela is a business management consultant and software trainer. She recognises that most solopreneurs generally come from larger organisations that have a number of departments looking after individual aspects required to keep the business wheels in motion. It can be daunting when its all on you! She works with business owners to simplify their business and create more time by mapping out their business processes identifying  priorities, tasks which can be outsourced and those that can be done away with altogether. 

Additionally what programs or software can be used to optimise operations. In her sessions she shares her know how on one of the most important all round business tool for solopreneurs; Canva.

Not only that she takes you through a process of copywriting that works every single time.

Pamela Hopkins

Social Media Consultant and Entrepreneur
Pamela Hopkins is a strategic social media consultant, coach & trainer with over 10 years’ experience of working across a wide spectrum of social media platforms and industry sectors in Private, Public and Charity Organisations.

Her clients include large organisations such as Blueprint Subsea, the NHS, KGAL Consulting and Gilkes to smaller businesses and startups.

Passionate about helping clients use social media as a growth tool for their businesses and harnessing its power to promote their brands.

In her sessions she reveals her top tips and techniques on how to attract and engage your ideal client

Benefits of SMART Coaching

  • Accelerate business growth through sales and marketing
  • Consistent pipeline of potential clients
  • Able to focus on the reason why you started your business in the first place
  • One stop shop, no need to employ 15 different ‘experts’
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Increase visibility & credibility
  • Proven success record

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