About Me

Hi My name is Reshma, and I want to help you sell!

Why? Simple; I want to live in a world where work is joy, where it is possible to create a business that allows to do what you love everyday, to use your unique talents and gifts to serve your clients, and positively impact the world around you. A business that allows you to create a life you love, full of joy, service and service. A business that is as financially rewarding as it is personally fulfilling

I’m a qualified coach with 15 years of entrepreneurial experience (having learnt as much if not more from my ‘failures’ than my successes). I have a masters degree in Business Administration (specialisation in entrepreneurship), a certification in Digital Marketing and have worked in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

How I work with you

Initial free 20 mins consultation

Where your practice or business stands at the moment.

What challenges are holding you back,

Can we work together i.e. is this the right time, and the right thing for you and your business? Am I the right person to work with?

How we can work together.

During our an initial consultation, if we find that I’m not the best person for you to work with; then will signpost you in the right direction.

Reshma Jobanputra

Reshma Jobanputra

I very much look forward to speaking to you!

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Identifying your ideal client, is the foundation of any successful business. This book will boost your sales and have clients lining up to work with you.