Case Study #1

Muhammad - Tax Consultant

How we worked togther:

When Muhammad and I started working together, he was spending over 1,500 pounds on advertising per month. Through different mediums; TV, social media etc. However, he wasn’t getting any results. Within a very short space of time, we discovered that the problem was a lack of clarity about who the client was, and positioning. Additionally, he was offering a lot of free advice, which was great for customers but not so for him! We went through the process of creating offers that were a balance between value for the potential client but also not an overuse of Muhammads time. Once this was clear we created a marketing plan based on his ideal client. The result was almost instantaneous, not only did he end up saving thousands of pounds, but his positioning as an expert and making sure the right marketing message was being conveyed through his social media and talks was attracting him the clients he really wanted. He is well on his way to achieving his financial targets.

What Muhammad had to say

“I have taken 6 sessions with Reshma and I cannot thank enough to her of my learning. It was an amazing and passionate journey with her. In these sessions, she not only identified my AVATAR clients but also do thorough research f finding them. She also helped me in preparing signature talks which I can present to any given audience. She also showed me techniques to explore Linkedin and other social media platforms to find dream clients. Reshma is an honest, straight and passionate individual and I highly recommend her services to those, who are struggling to find their dream clients!”

Case Study #2

Suzy - Finding your purpose coach

How we worked togther:

With Suzy, she was looking to change the direction and rebrand. She was multi-skilled but wanted a change from what she’d been doing for a while. She had a strong sense of the service she wanted to provide but wasn’t sure of who her new avatar was. We went through a series of steps to find an avatar that she really wanted to work with and resonated with. We worked together on the specific offer that would put her firmly on the path of meeting her financial goals. After that, all that remained was creating a marketing plan, and she’s off like a bullet! She’s excited and invigorated and is really passionate to share her wisdom, knowledge, and passion to help her clients live up to their true potential.

What Suzy had to say

I couldn't have found a better Business Coach to help me than Reshma. From the moment we met I knew I could trust her will all my new ideas and as the weeks went by, whilst we were working together, I felt more and more confident about what I wanted to do and how to go about doing it. Reshma has a genuine interest in her client’s success and will do all she can to support and encourage you to achieve your business goals. She is supportive and encouraging and offers so much more than what is expected. Her knowledge and expertise really shines through as you make progress and I have learned so much from her over the weeks we have been working together. Reshma is thorough in her presentations and what I most appreciate is the way she works alongside me, at my pace and giving only what I need that is appropriate to me at the time. If you are looking to increase your business profile, earn more money or attract more clients or even learn how to present yourself more effectively and professionally then Reshma can help you do this.

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