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What you get and how it works

Over the course of the 6 months

  • 12 fortnightly coaching sessions of 90 minutes each (over Zoom)
  • Each session will be recorded for you, and is yours to keep
  • Guided worksheets and workbooks to help you get the most out of this course, along with the reasoning behind the work that we do together. So that if you would like to change any element in the future e.g. your ideal client, you have the tools and techniques to do it yourself without having to come back to me
  • 20-minute calls in the weeks where we don’t have coaching sessions



  • Accelerate your income to 75k, by putting in the foundations of a sustainable, profitable business
  • Work with your perfect clients, the ones who you love working with and can afford your services. Clients will be queuing up to work with you, because you understand them
  • Work with clients from all around the world, because you’re no longer restricted by geography, multiplying your income
  • Multiple sources of income through all your sales funnels
  • Become an amazing public speaker just as a by-product!
  • Become a well-known expert in your field, set yourself apart from the competition

Most importantly, create the business you love one that’s not only personally fulfilling but also financially rewarding

Accelerate 75K

Accelerate 75k is compromised of 4 modules, each one is listed below with a brief description of what is covered in each module.

Module 1 - Mapping

  • Where are you now in your business, where would you like to be in 12 months’ time?
  • Clarity of concept – What is your primary service? Is it in line with your values, passions, skills and personality?
  • Clarity of offer – What is your offer? For example, Accelerate 75k is an example of an offer. It is the final service package or product that is put forward for the clients’ consideration.
  • Bearing in mind the above three, we create a 6-month road map with milestones to act as a guide.
  • By the end of this module, you will have a clear vision for yourself of where you would like to be in a year, what the concept of your offer is (whether it is revising an existing one or putting together a new one), how to package your concept into an offer, and a road map of how to achieve your short term vision.
  • We shall do the above together over the period of 2 coaching sessions, the worksheets that we use to do this are yours to keep, so that you can refer to them as and when you like, and can also serve as a guide if you wish to do the entire process again in the future.

Module 2 - Identifying and defining
– who is your ideal client!

  • Niching and micro niching – sometimes it is beneficial to take the route of narrowing but not eliminating client groups.
  • Building profile – Based on your discussion during our coaching session I will prepare a client persona for you (this can be done for up to 3 personas). What you get after this session:

    1. Avatar profile; including sociodemographic, psychographic and their pain, problem and solution.

    2. I will also prepare for you a ‘story of your client’ this is a story of your client, who they are an insight into their life and the trigger or the reason they now need your help.

    3. A questionnaire designed to help you validate our work.

  • Using the questionnaire above, contact your ‘ideal clients’ within your personal or professional networks, if they are not available like that then through a social media profile.
  • What this will do is not only validate the existence of your ‘persona’ but also enable you to learn their language. How do they describe themselves, their situation and their problem?
  • The ‘help/ joy/ affordability test. Before moving on, it is essential to not only verify that your client exists but that you want to work with them.

At the end of this module you will have (up to 3) verified personas as your ideal clients 

The above is done over 3 sessions and as before for each step you will receive written material, in the form of worksheets or designed personas, these are yours to keep.

Module 3 – Location S.M.A.R.T

The previous two modules were strategic we now move to the tactical. By this point you are clear about your professional and personal vision, who your client is, this module is designed to help you locate them.

For this we use my framework of S.M.A.R.T

  • S.M. – Social Media i.e. which social media does your client use; Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn it may be a combination of the above.
  • A – Awards, Accolades and accomplishments – winning or entering for which awards will automatically put help you stand out amongst your industry.
  • R – Real time events – Networking events, Talks, Seminars, Panels, Personal and Professional networks. Which ones do your clients go to?
  • T – Traditional media, what traditional media does your ideal client consume? In terms of blogs, podcasts, radio stations, TV, online and offline publications.

It is solely my responsibility to find the above for you. For Real Time and Traditional Media I will provide you with at least 50 of each.

Module 4 – Communication S.M.A.R.T

The previous module was about ‘where is your client’, this module is about how to get in front of them, and what to say to them to engage, enrol and create potential leads. All of this is done as part of a 90-day marketing and promotion plan:

  • S.M. 12-week plan for FB, LinkedIn and YouTube content. Including 1 video a week and 1 post a day
  • A – Strategies to approach award competitions.
  • R – Upton 3 elevator pitches, 2 talk structures, Workshop structures, how to approach professional and personal networks. My role is not to merely give you structures rather it is work with you to hone your content.


6 Month ACCELERATE 75K Package cost £2,997
- Easy Payment Plans Available

ACCELRATE 75K also includes up to 3 consultations with our panel of marketing experts below

Cassie Hicks

Cassie Hicks

Social Media Strategist

Cassie is the person savvy business owners turn to when they want to market themselves more effectively online and make a bigger impact in the world. She does this by showing you how to create a personalised Social Media Strategy and supercharging it with energetic Marketing.

After 7+ years running a multi award-winning Social Media agency, that she started from scratch as a single Mum with two young children, she knows how important it is to focus on RESULTS. What lights her up is helping savvy entrepreneurs build a powerful online presence, so they become a magnet for their dream clients."

Daniel Colbert

Daniel Colbert

Youtube Strategist and Producer

Daniel is a Youtube Strategist and producer, helping his clients to use videos and Youtube to grow their businesses. Over the Years, Daniel has consulted and worked with over 150 Individual coaches and brands including LinkedIn, NHS, Charities & the UK Government. He has spoken for Google which held an entrepreneurs and start-up conference at their campus, where he encouraged a room of nearly 200 People to use YouTube for Business Marketing and an extra revenue stream. Many of his clients who have chosen to continue with YouTube have grown their businesses tremendously. One of his clients recently reached 100k Subscribers and makes an easily 5-figure month salary just from releasing videos.

Mark Rouvray

Mark Rouvray

Web Design and SEO Marketing Specialist

Mark is an online marketing consultant who helps you get more business online through a combination of professionally designed websites and online promotion. Mark has worked with many small businesses to get them started online and take them to the next level with a website that ticks all the boxes; taking prospective clients from a little interest through to enquiries and purchases.  He specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to raise your website up the Google rankings and attract more leads.

Mark has over 25 years business experience in blue chip companies and brings all that knowledge and skills for the benefit of clients.

Find out more at

Sherry Bevan

Sherry Bevan

Author, Coach, Speaker

An author, coach and speaker, Sherry Bevan is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm. After 25 years in the City, in 2012 she created The Confident Mother, an independent coaching practice. Sherry works with ambitious women who want to manage their business or career with confidence and purpose. She specialises in LinkedIn training and confidence coaching. Though she’s been doing LinkedIn training since 2007 when she trained the lawyers at her law firm. You can work with her one-to-one or join her LinkedIn Kickstart. Find out more about Sherry and her work

Benefits of SMART Coaching


  • Accelerate business growth through sales and marketing
  • Consistent pipeline of potential clients
  • Able to focus on the reason why you started your business in the first place
  • One stop shop, no need to employ 15 different ‘experts’
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Increase visibility & credibility
  • Proven success record

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