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About Me

Hi My name is Reshma, and I want to help you sell!

Why? Simple; I want to live in a world where work is joy, where it is possible to create a business that allows to do what you love everyday, to use your unique talents and gifts to serve your clients, and positively impact the world around you. A business that allows you to create a life you love, full of joy and service A business that is as financially rewarding as it is personally fulfilling

I'm a qualified coach with 15 years of entrepreneurial experience (having learnt as much if not more from my 'failures' than my successes). I have a masters degree in Business Administration (specialisation in entrepreneurship) and have worked in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

How I work with you

Initial free 30 mins consultation

  • Where your practice or business stands at the moment.
  • What challenges are holding you back,
  • Can we work together i.e. is this the right time, and the right thing for you and your business? Am I the right person to work with?
  • How we can work together.

During our an initial consultation, if we find that I’m actually not the best person for you to work with; then will signpost you in the right direction.

Reshma Jobanputra

Reshma Jobanputra

I very much look forward to speaking to you!

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